There has never been more data. Are you making full use of it?


Data and information is lacking in Uganda and the wider East Africa. Decisions are made without insufficient evidence. 

In the Geo Gecko offices, we carry out geographic analysis on a variety of data types in order to provide our clients with products they will use to make informed decisions. 

We have large databases for a variety of sectors and can link this up to our clients data to reveal hidden patterns and trends.

Typical Questions

  • Has there been an increase or decrease in green space within Kampala between 2000 and 2016?
  • How much agricultural activity is underway within 60km of the Nimule border crossing?
  • What is the optimal market coverage area for our existing warehouse infrastructure?
  • Where should we place a new electric cable in order to maximize proximity to un-served customers?
Professional and effective results based service, tailored to the needs of the organization
— Anders Aalbaek, COO, aBi Trust