The world is upside down


This map is somewhat disorientating and has proven to be quite controversial, even in personal conversations. In the traditional mindset, north is up. Depending on the cartographer, (historically it is a European or American profession), the continent of the author is in the center and to the top.
Studies (reputable ones, not me carrying out a Facebook survey) have found that people assign greater importance to the top-center (see here).


Basic0Does this feed into the PR challenge that Africa has faced in the past? The outdated perspective of Africa as a country, a food insecure desert full of humanitarian aid recipients is quickly being shed. Poverty rates and insecurity are significantly declining as growth is booming (Ethiopia was one of the fastest growing economies in 2004-2009), development aid is being reconsidered (the china factory) and local innovative tech solutions, like M-Pisa in Kenya, start a new global trend. Time to rethink? Trocaire did.

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This map is just as accurate as traditionally oriented maps, because the position of north at the top of maps is arbitrary. Download the high res map here.