GIS for Agribusiness

GeoGecko Senior GIS Consultant, Nathaniel Williams, last week finished a six month contract to install a GIS cell within the agribusiness multi donor agency, aBi Trust. With seventy one partners around the country implementing multiple thousands of aBi funded activities, understanding the situation was challenging. Basic questions were difficult to answer. Where are our partners? What activities are they implementing? How frequently do they train small holder farmers? Users can click on a point in the map to see details on activities implemented by farmers organisations.

This is where GeoGecko came in. We trained aBi staff. We built a mobile data collection system, a GIS and a web mapping portal. We trained over seventy farmers organisations who are receiving funding from aBi.

Now, activities in the field (literally) are recorded with a mobile phone, transferred to our servers and visible on a web map by a variety of stakeholders in Kampala and beyond. Now decision-makers can answer some fundamental questions; such as who is doing what and where are they doing it?

aBi M&E Officer Ayub Isabirye was trained up to manage the mobile data collection and GIS. Now that the fundamentals are in place, skilled staff, hardware, software and appreciation for the tool, bigger questions can be asked. What impact does training have on crop yield? How can one use satellite imagery to better understand local impact for insurance compensation. The geo-data is waiting to be harvested, the evidence-based-decisions waiting to be made.