Smallholder Data, Monthly & Globally

Working with a large network of smallholders is challenging. Regular data about how their crops are progressing is expensive and time consuming to acquire. Until now. If you have 100,000 outgrowers in your network we can give you critical data about each of them.

  • Crop health
  • Soil moisture
  • Ground temperature
  • Rainfall

We can provide as frequently as every 5 days at farm or admin unit level. We use cloud processing, free satellites and portal visualizations to do this. We can even give you historical data going back as far as 30 years! 

Satellite generated data for your smallholders

Have GPS locations? Great! If not, no worries, we can still provide data on the locations where you know your farmers are. 

See how it works for commercial farms here or for larger scale areas here. We can also provide you the raw data. 

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Sugar plantation change over time