Site Suitability from Space

Buying a large plot of land for agriculture? You probably have some questions. How healthy is the vegetation? What is the moisture content in the soil? Was it farmed recently? Does it flood?

We can tell you a lot about that land you're interested in.  


And we can integrate all these factors into one weighted map to identify the optimal site. 


And we have lots more data too

  • Available soil water capacity (volumetric fraction) with FC = pF 2.3 
  • Porosity (volumetric fraction) based on PTF
  • Bulk density in kg / cubic-meter
  • % clay
  • Coarse fragments volumetric in percent
  • Exchangeable acidity (KCl)
  • Electrical condutivity
  • Exchangeable Mg
  • Exchangeable bases total
  • Total nitrogen
  • Soil organic carbon content (fine earth fraction) in permilles
  • Soil pH x 10 in H2O
  • Soil texture fraction silt in percent
  • Soil texture fraction sand in percent
  • Water content at wilting point
  • Texture class (USDA system) from predicted CLY, SND and SLT
  • Cation exchange capacity in cmolc/kg