School Books for All

We’re in the final stages of finishing up a great project with Express Logistics group here in Kampala. Geo Gecko was contracted by Express to conduct a route survey for the distribution of books to 1,300 schools in 21 districts around the country. 300,000 school books were distributed as part of RTI’s Uganda School Health and Reading Program (a USAID funded initiative). We made a few nice maps in static format…

Geo Geckos role during the project was to:

  1. Train data collectors in mobile data collection
  2. Programme mobile devices with data collection forms and auto-data-transfer to our server.
  3. Clean & process the data and produce a route survey within a 24 hour period for navigational use by delivery drivers.
  4. Display all data in an interactive and live web-map (see a draft here).

The survey has been a real success with-out any messy transcription or transmission delays. In addition, roads previously not recorded in any official datasets have been identified, the routes of which shall now be used for any further logistic activities on the program. The delivery of school books along the identified routes has begun, each driver being provided with a road map to each of the 1,300 schools, along with travel times, vehicular access and road conditions. A great result for Express logistics, and a real win for Geo Gecko's mobile data collection tools.

Find the complete route survey atlas by clicking here. Below are some of the individual route surveys, each of which we produced within 24 hours of receiving the raw data. Drivers delivering books to the 1,300 schools told us that these route surveys were extremely useful for navigating to the multiple destinations within their tight deadlines.

Geo GeckoGeo Gecko