School Books for All

Each of the 5,000+ schools in this map received new school books. We developed this map as part of our data collection and mapping role in two landmark education programs funded by USAID.

The first is the School Health and Reading Program (SHRP) to improve reading ability for at least 3.5 million children by directly supporting reading in 1,300 schools and communities and HIV/AIDS education in 800. During national scale-up, we are aiming to reach reading interventions in 18,000 schools. This is a five-year project funded by the US Agency for International Development.

The second program, called Uganda Literacy Achievement and Retention Activity (LARA) is a five year USAID funded education program aimed at promoting teaching of local languages in schools is set to benefit government primary schools in 28 districts.

Geo Gecko’s role was to manage the data collection and mapping regarding the logistics of delivering over a million school books to thousands of schools around the country.