Rhino Map

The war on poaching is an old one and a current one. Today, rhinos are on the front line. South Africa will lose 800 this year. Globally the rhino population is down 97.6% since 1960. The appetite for rhino horn in Asia seems insatiable. Uganda lost all its rhinos under the Idi Amin regime... they came back.

The Rhino Fund brought them. Now they are flourishing and reproducing. Managing the 7000 hectares of savannah, the 80 rangers and the constant threat of poachers is a challenge.

To assist the Rhino Fund, Geo Gecko agreed to create a map of the sanctuary. The first step was to train a ranger in data collection. The ranger is now training his colleagues to collect data relevant to the work of Rhino Fund. Geo Gecko will receive the data and then map out the park. This will act as a powerful planning tool to assist with tasks such as planning ranger patrols.

This project is part of Geo Geckos CSR programme. Other beneficiaries include:

  • Responders to the political and humanitarian crisis in Kismayo (blog post)
  • AfriPads, Uganda (site)

Many thanks to the Amuka Lodge (amukalodge.com) for providing excellent accommodation during our stay!

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