Its Electric!

Recently, Geo Gecko was contracted to evaluate the GIS department in Uganda’s National Electricity provider, UMEME. With the company expecting exponential growth from 2015 onwards, GIS will play a critical role in the management all of its customer and infrastructure data. Spatial considerations have a massive impact on such a company. From locating new customers to sourcing new corridors for UMEME power lines and assets, GIS will play key role in the company’s expansion.

With an already highly competent team of GIS users, Geo Gecko created a plan for UMEME to expand its geo-database and analysis capacity, ultimately being able to connect all assets to customers and vice versa. Recommendations were made, and UMEME decision makers have already responded with plans to connect all departmental databases seamlessly to the GIS managers system. This will enable near-real time mapping and the ability to report on all of its infrastructure, assets and customers, via a map interface, on ‘what’ and ‘where’.

Exciting stuff!

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