Eastern Uganda Financial Access Geo Drill Down

Dentists and Mobile Money

In Kampala the higher the turnover of a dentist surgery is inversely related to its proximity to a mobile money agent. This means, the closer your dentist is to a mobile money agent, the lower his turnover. Strange one to think about, but logical if you give it a minute and think on it.

To enable others to carry out similar analysis, Geo Gecko has put together a nice web map of Eastern Uganda containing 55,000 businesses, 4,700 mobile money agent, 237 SACCOs and 80 micro finance institutes. 

Mapping Industry and Financial Patterns

Using the below map, you can filter according to industry type and turnover to see what financial service it has best access to. We know what you're going to say, with 4700 mobile money agents considered, all businesses will be closest to those. Not so. Try comparing the combinations Trade/High Turnover with Agriculture/High Turnover to see a counter-intuitive result. 

Take a look at this video to see how to interact with the map.