Geo Nerds Needed

GeoGecko is a consulting firm specialising in developing tangible geo-intelligence products which our East African clients use to enhance their decision-making. We are recruiting a Senior GIS Analyst.

Position Description

Based in Kampala, Uganda, the Senior Geographic Information System (GIS) Analyst will be responsible for data analysis, cartography and project management. Qualified Ugandan nationals are encouraged to apply.


  1. Clean and process geo-data.
  2. Conduct spatial, network, temporal, surface, geo-stats imagery and satellite analysis.
  3. Create static/web maps to the highest cartographic standards.
  4. Proactively identify inefficiencies and propose solutions.
  5. Manage online and off line databases.
  6. Manage projects and small teams of junior staff.
  7. Use various tools (GIS, web mapping, databases) to map and analyse data generated via mobile devices, aerial, satellite and secondary sources.


  1. Masters in GIS, Geography, Remote Sensing or Data Analysis. GIS certification is preferred.
  2. Bachelors or related Masters accepted provided it is supplemented by comparable work experience.
  3. Seven years professional-level experience in geospatial database development, design, and management; geospatial analysis; performance monitoring; and/or the analysis and interpretation of large amounts of data is required.

Required computer skills: ArcGIS desktop & extensions, ArcGIS Online, Open source GIS software, MS, on/offline databases, imagery analysis and graphic design. Candidates with experience in one or more of the following will have an advantage: French language, advanced database analysis, Tableau, big data analysis, UAVs, vegetation modelling, EIA’s, conservation, utilities and transport.

Personal skills:

Flexibility and adaptability are essential, as well as the ability to plan, take initiative and organize work independently. Willingness to learn and capacity to innovate. Good organizational and communication skills with international and national staff.

How to Apply

  • Send your CV, cover letter and relevant samples of your work to
  • Subject line will read ‘Senior GIS Analyst: Your Name’.
  • Apply before 14.00 on 18th December.
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