The Decompression of Central Kampala

So we mapped all the buildings in Kampala, Uganda. We did this by delineating each roof of each building using high resolution satellite imagery in two dimensions. We then started doing some interesting analysis on the dataset and made a pretty atlas (31 mb).

We looked at accessibility to mobile money agents, schools and health infrastructure. We analysed the size of buildings to identify slum expansion over time.

It became more interesting when we looked at how the city grew. Well, firstly, it did grow. No Nobel prizes for that conclusion. The below map shows the density of visible roofs in 1993 and 2016.

Like all maps though, this one doesn’t tell the full story. To get to the core of the issue, we mapped where there was growth and where there was loss. There seems to be a clear pattern of where there are less roof sq m; the centre of the city. This wasn’t what we were expecting.