Data is lacking...

Informed decision-making requires high quality data and information. This, however, is lacking in Uganda and East Africa, where its need is great. In its absence, resources are used inefficiently, decisions are made on hunches rather than evidence and development is slowed. 

Enter Geo Gecko...

Geo Gecko was established to fill this gap. We source, process and analyse existing data and create our own data to provide decision-makers with tangible and understandable geo-intelligence tools. 

Geo Gecko?

We're a lean innovative company that uses powerful tools like geographic information systems (GIS), object based classification tools, satellite imagery analysis and business intelligence software to provide you with the evidence you need to understand your world and make the right decision. 


So, take a look at what we are up to (blog or below social media links), read a bit about the experience of previous clients,  then drop us an email. Let us know the questions you need to answer and we can chat. 

Bernard Wright, MD

Kampala, Uganda