Equipping decision-makers with the geo-intelligence to act.


Every day the entire earth is being photographed by satellite. Every day gargantuan amounts of data are being created. Geo Gecko is an Irish-Ugandan company that is extracting decision-making information from this to provide geo-intelligence in various sectors including, agriculture, urban planning, economics and finance. We answer the questions critical to development. How many fields are being cultivated in the Eastern region? How much energy can solar generate in Karamoja? What property taxes may be generated may be generated in each part of the city? We can tell you. 

As Uganda grows, Geo Gecko will provide the insight to do it better. 


Our GIS Services:

We offer a range of different geographic information system and
satellite imagery services for clients all around Uganda.

The Maps

We make beautifully functional maps specifically for your needs. 

The Analysis

We carry out exciting and innovative analysis using traditional and new data sources, such as big data and high resolution imagery.

The Data

We build, maintain and access large data sets for sale, analysis and license. 



Professional and effective results based service, tailored to the needs of the organization

— Anders Aalbaek, COO, aBi Trust

They are a great team, very enjoyable to work with, and absolutely results driven.

— Kevin Bwire, GIS Manager, UMEME