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We create innovative, accessible geo-intelligence to drive better decision-making



What we do

We solve real world challenges using powerful tools like Geographic Information Systems (GIS), satellite imagery, drones and cloud computing to provide evidence and insight in data-starved environments. We constantly discover new ways and new tools to make data more applicable to our customers.

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Who we are

We come from a variety of backgrounds, such as humanitarian agencies and engineering firms, which makes our problem-solving brainstorms intense, enjoyable and productive.

Drop by our office. Meet the team. Tell us about your work and let's see if we’re a fit..

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Our Impact

Geo Gecko has been in operation since 2013. We serve businesses, government actors, International Organisations and Non-Governmental Organisations with insights to improve their decision-making.

Some of the projects where our impact is especially felt are:

Uganda has received over 1,400,000 refugees which has brought about a humanitarian crisis. Geo Gecko built a portal and web maps to coordinate the humanitarian response.

Africa is urbanizing fast. Ugandas' population will rise from the current 37m to 102m by 2050. Our urban analysis informs where change is happening, quantifies access to services and assesses the disaster threats.

In agriculture, we monitor crop health for farms on four continents and our analysis directly influences the work of management.

Our Clients


"Professional and effective results based service, tailored to the needs of the organization"

— Anders Aalbaek, COO, aBi Trust


"I thoroughly enjoyed working with their team and know that my colleagues here found their training an enlightening and valued experience"

— Jonathan Shaw, Director of the Integrative Research Institute The Christian Bilingual University of the Congo


"They are a great team, very enjoyable to work with, and absolutely results driven."

— Kevin Bwire, GIS Manager, UMEME